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Who are Stemz?

The Stemz were formed when mike bennett was enticed back to Manchester by simon wolstencroft with whom he worked with wells producing working as a writer and producer of the Fall and ian brown joining forces with ding and simon ' Ding'archer who listener credits prodigious talents augmented that of Bennett and Wolstencroft culminating in the exciting and organic project Stemz . With s revolving door policy other luminaries joined the consortium including the legendary Neville staple , Tamsin Middleton , Jotii , Seth leppard and penny trate . Future contributors from bands such as stone roses and rage smiths are imminent . Halo the debut single is the cornerstone of the fist sessions with more exciting tracks to follow ... Watch this space

Elbow, Snow Patrol Gorillaz

The Fall, I Monster, The Patrol (Stone Roses)

Black Grape

The Fall, Ian Brown, BMX Bandits

Mr Heart, The Fall

The Specials, Fun Boy Three

PJ Harvey, Pixies (Bassist), The Fall (Producer)

Penny Trate
Mover and Shaker